Bavaria by farm

How about a staying in a farmhouse in Bavaria this year?

We would like to offer you a warm welcome to our farm. My husband and I have a small working organic farm ( producing organic milk ) with cows, calves, cats, ducks, hens, a horse and two ponnies.

Our farmhouse and our horse

The farmhouse, our home, is of the traditional Bavarian style.
There is a choice of two second floor flats within the farmhouse, both with a balcony and a view of the Alps which are only 15 kms away.

Around the farmhouse there is a terrace and garden with table tennis, a barbecue and childrenīs play area. The children, of course, are encouraged to participate in the farm life.

Farm - produced milk, eggs and marmalade are always available and we sometimes have our own bread and meat for sale.

We speak English, Italian and some Spain and we understand a bit of French and Dutch - and every nationality is

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